Why Aquilla?


The Aquilla trike is designed to take you safely and comfortably across countryside that can only be experienced from the air. To explore new horizons, beaches bushveld teeming with game, or flying off on a breakfast run with friends to share the dream, the fun, exhilaration and adventurous spirit of a past era of flight.

When the Aquilla was conceived, safety was the highest priority on the list and so the old adage “keep it simple and less can go wrong” was our objective. The Aquilla was designed to have the greatest strength to weight ratio. Its durability has been well proven in training schools. The wing has a very positive trim, which ensures a great measure of stability. Try flying it “hands off” with power or without. The engine can be quickly restarted in-flight and it’s excellent glide ratio and short landing capabilities allow greater flexibility in choice of landing sights. All-round suspension with particular attention being focused on the rear shocks, allows a 150 mm movement at the wheels.

The design of the shocks does not allow force from a rough landing to be transmitted through to the airframe and has greatly improved ground handling. Some of the features of the Aquilla are safety cables, extra-large tubing, nylon bushes and multiple sleeving in all stress concentration areas, the hang point has an external safety cable tested to 15G’s. A clear fuel tank to make the fuel level more noticeable plus a fuel gauge and water drain. All the tubing is high grade quality aluminium tested to aircraft specs.
The airframe comes with an attached instrument pod, however various instrument packages are available for our customers (see optional extras). Supplied as a standard feature are handy side panniers for storage on longer cross country trips.

The Aquilla seating is the roomiest among Trikes. The pilot seat is a bucket type for full back support and that totally secure relaxed feeling. The unique bent pylon will stop your passenger from desperately seeking a neck massage or neck brace! This, as you all know is a sore point amongst all Trike passengers. The wing is made from Dacron. Maintenance is minimal. All components are easily visible, the powerful engine guarantees long life and little wear, owing to the fact that it operates at low throttle settings. There are no control linkage mechanisms which need a lot of maintenance. The hinged pylon allows for easy assembly- just remove one bolt and two pins. Pre-flight checks are quick and easy to effect.

The Aquilla is made to and beyond the stringent requirements of the South African Civil Aviation Authority and the factory is SACAA approved.