Aquilla Wings


The Aquilla Wing’s are custom made and have been refined over the years to provide the design characteristics of strength, stability, light handling and to also have a very competitive edge. We also wanted a forgiving wing, which could be flown by beginners and yet would satisfy experienced pilots and be suitable as a training wing.

The frame is made of aircraft quality tubing, which is multi sleeved, and where necessary, we use safety cables. The wing fabric is a high quality Dacron fabric.

We make a choice of wings to suite each individual’s personal requirements

‘Aquilla I’
This is our standard wing. It has a 70% double surface and beefed up flying cables & leading edge spars. It is designed to be an ideal all round wing. We recommend the 14sqm for all flying conditions. It is exceptionally predictable with light response therefore it excels in turbulent conditions.

‘Aquilla II’
This 15sqm wing has beefed up flying cables & leading edge spars. It features back – up spreader bar cables, enclosed keel & washout tubes, which improves the glide angle. Its main characteristic is high lift aerofoil, greater climb, light roll & pitch and a greater speed range. It is also easier to assemble. The larger wing allows for short take offs and landings.