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Microlights South Africa

Also known as; Light Sport Aircrafts, Ultralights, Trikes or Motorized Delta.

The AQUILLA trike is designed to take you safely and comfortably across countryside that can only be experienced from the air. Fly with us and explore new horizons, beaches and bushveld teeming with game, or fly off on a breakfast run with friends who share your spirit of adventure and love of wide open spaces. We build and manufacture and we ship internationally. There are Solowings microlights currently flying in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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Our Range

We use only quality technical grade aircraft aluminium tubing, with a wide diameter for greater strength to weight ratio. All critical components are sleeved. All our tubing, nuts & bolts are treated and coated. The pylon / hang point assembly has a back up cable for safety. Our factory provides full backup service and spares. We have a large sail loft for all your needs. Our Trikes are registered with the South African Civil Aviation Authority, also registered to fly in Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Indonesia and throughout Africa.

Why Aquilla? Aquilla Wings

Aquilla 582

This Trike is for anyone interested in flying. Safe, affordable and fully customisable according to your requirements.

Option of Aquilla I or II wing

Rotax 582

50 litre fuel tank (opt. 25 litre)

Digital Instrumentation – Skydat GX2 (Opt. Analogue Instruments)

NC Prop – 3 blade composite prop

Option to custom build   

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Aquilla 912 UL/ULS

The higher powered engines available  provide much more power in higher altitude areas. Fully customisable.

Option of Aquilla I or II wing

Rotax 912UL (80HP) or 912ULS engine (100HP)

50 litre fuel tank -

Digital Instrumentation – Skydat GX2 (Opt. Analogue Instruments)

NC Prop – 3 blade composite prop

Option to custom build   

X-Large Instrument Pod

X-Large Tyres


Aquilla Crop Sprayer

Commercially used for 18 years, this is an aerial crop spraying trike, that has proven itself with amazing results

Hi-lift single surface 17sqm wing

Rotax 912ULS engine (100HP) 

Custom Combination tank
(100 lts chemical & 40 lts fuel)

Analogue instrumentation

NC Prop – 3 blade composite prop

Customisation options

X-Large Instrument Pod

X-Large Tyres

Booms – 12.5m swath

Option to fit Micronaire atomizers

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Looking for Parts?

We manufacture Wings & Undercarriages



Live the Microlight Life

Checkout our friend's latest adventures and get a taste of what its like, to let your "dreams take flight."


Learn to Fly!

There are several ways to earn your microlight pilot licence. One of the best ways to start, if you have not already experienced microlight flying, is a Trial Introductory Flight. To get your full license you can study full or part-time and do part of the theory/study at home, but as flying a microlight is predominantly a practical experience much of your practice will be gleaned from a qualified instructor on the field. A microlight pilot license can be obtained with as little as 20 hours practical training which will include both ground time and flight time.

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